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Day and Night issue since 314.3

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I was exploring surface and in the 00:00 time have heard sound of change night to day.
NOTICE - it was 90% night 10% day
I was happy that i came out from surface warned by this sound because i wiold be dead with my dino and bulbdog.

This is broken - i was come back to surface at 1:00 am and recorded video of burn.



In the screenshot you can see that at 1 am was daytime in aberration


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Not sure if it's been said in another thread, but we are indeed investigating this issue and hope to have it solved asap, we've been working on it for some time now, it's a tricky one. 

This was 02:49am in the morning! 

You take ur F***in time to fix something u destroyed , like antimesh thing that destroyed all surface caves . We feel like u don't care about players , and only try to please pve with colors dinos a

Posted Images

Hello and thank you for reading. Since patch 314.3 my day night cycle is backwards. It is dark during day hours 6am-6pm and light during dark hours. Please note that I am aware of seasons and these screenshots are taken during the daytime hours of 50/50 season (normal hours). Please halp.


  • Day and night lighting is backwards
  • Flickering between day and night during earthquakes
  • 90/10 day/night will be dark 90% of the time and visa versa.
  • I've created a single player game and it functions as expected, light during daytime hours and dark during nighttime hours.

r/ARK - Day/Night problem on Aberration



r/ARK - Day/Night problem on Aberration



Heres a shot of a new game and what it should look like at 12 Noon in game.


r/ARK - Day/Night problem on Aberration

r/ARK - Day/Night problem on Aberration


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Yea I ran into the same problem. I burned up at 0130am when it was 10/90. My server is also skipping the 9th day of the 10 night cycle. So day xxxxx8 at midnight turns into day xxxxx0 0:01. Effectively removing one whole day of 10/90. I am on an official server.

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1 hour ago, GP said:

I've not been on the surface

On the surface its quite random. You can go there when there is 18:00 and survive. But at 00:00 or few seconds after you can hear the sound or change from nigt to day (if it works properly the sound comes at 5:53). And then you have about 30-60 seconds to escape from it or you gonna die. 

Im visiting surface regularly. The mess with day/night cycle was made after last patch.

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Can confirm bug.  I just died along with my dino on surface. Flames started at 0100hrs and it was a 50-50 day/night cycle.  A few hours before that I had arrived at 0300hrs on a 10-90 day/night cycle and thought it was strange that the flames were up already. Dismissed it as possibly my time being jacked up. No sir, them flames flared up like the devil himself had appeared. This is on Official Servers v314.5.

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  • OSM changed the title to When will u fix the surface on ab servers ?!

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