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Above 1k dinos taming, turns dino into crap stats after cryo or server reboot

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I have a bug on my server where if we do dinos above 1000, they revert their stats after cryo or after a server reboot. Also affects breeding where those dinos even if 2k in level pop out only a 400 or less baby every time.

Example megatherium level 2074, 100k life and 4000% damage, and is now reverted to 5k life and 700% damage after server reboot.

I haven't figured out how to fix it but we use to be able to do 2500 level dinos with no issues.


Am using ASM, setting dinos to 1500 max level, level 5 difficulty. Using per-level stat multipliers only.

Doesn't matter map, extinction, valguero, crystal isles.

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