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Deathwalrus#4974. central time zone United states, im 27 years old. i dont have all content but i have most of it i think i need gen. i have about 2k hours maybe more between xbox and steam. im a day 1 vet tried to retired but just went on hiatus to come back to play!. i grind tame bread build defenses upkeep pvp. i can do it all!. love making ammo. i have a son who loves dinos and loves to watch me play. hes 7years old. im very mature i dont cause drama and never insided in my whole ark career. ive lead raids. was a scout. i know where red drops are on the island in the ocean and very good at getting them. im good at running caves i have some tek engrams under my belt. i can be on alot i work part time my days off i can litterally be on all day. 

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