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Does ceilling make a wall smaller?


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I built a raft to go get some 1 anky on herbivore island, and when i came back i came across a problem: The Dino simply doesn't enter it, i have seen a source on Dododex, that he requires at least a 2x2 to pass, however this is not happening when encountering ceilings. In the provided photo, he did pass the space without the ceiling, but when he came across the ceiling section, he got blocked.

So my question is, in a wall that is 2 tiles high, does putting a ceiling make is somehow smaller? And is there a way for me to go around this without having a 3 walls(raft view gets blocked when building is too high)


Thank you

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On 10/5/2020 at 4:50 PM, Thyme said:

What you could do is lower the foundations one more time than a pillar, and attach the ceiling to the pillar. The ceiling will be just a smidge higher

I have tried this, maintaining the first pillar height, and then lowering all foundations by one, but without success! I have tried to repeat this same procedure 3 other times, without luck(maybe i'm repeating a mistake?).

However what did work(still glitchy)was:

-Lower foundations the max you can;

-Add 2 height wall and ceiling;

The Anky was able to squeeze through, it seemed like he wouldn't pass but with a little angle work it managed.

Thank you all for your replies!

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