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pve [AU/NZ] Infernus Ark | 3.5xXP 5xH 5xT | Primal Fear | SS | PF Boss/Abb/Scorched

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Ark Infernus is a relatively new Australian primal fear server, I have spent time adjusting levels for both players and dinos to help make it a more custom experience and allowing your dinos to be more powerful, cause we all love doing more damage than necessary don't we? in the future i plan on coding the Primal fear creatures to not just have extra levels but to allow some of the overlooked and underused creatures to be more powerful and some to be less to allow different playthroughs on this server aren't all the same.


3.5x XP

5x Harvesting

5x Taming


1. Primal Fear

2. Primal Fear Boss Expansion

3. Primal Fear Aberration Expansion

4. Primal Fear Scorched Expansion

5. Super Structures

6. Ultra Stacks

7. Auto Engrams!

8. Awesome Spyglass

9. Dino Storage v2

10. Editable Server UI

11. EZ Mind wipes

13. Lethals Reuasables

Mod Collection:





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