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Everyone which craft a lot things know how boring is stay in replicator or other thing can craft over 1.000

You need do another thing but, you can't leave crafting because of limit

The suggestion is a unlimited have a button where u press and craft everything in inventory/replicator

Or a system like this to work in all PC/XBOX/PS4


On PC the [A] craft 100 till 1.000 can be have the same mechanic but unlimited

For Xbox/PS4

let your suggestion below!


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I have seen this suggest pop up in the past. 

The suggested fixes have been as follows;

  • Add blueprints for every craftable item so that you can use the blueprints to craft over the limit of 1000. (ammo has it, but narcotics and such do not)
  • Adjust the crafting limit along with the stacking limit. So if the server has a higher stacking set, the crafting number would be higher as well. 
  • Add a "Craft All" function to items
  • Add the ability to craft as many stacks as their are line items. So if there are 6 line items, you could effectively craft six stacks of 1000. 

Regardless of the method chosen, I am all for being able to craft more. 

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