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What is your steam name: SkyGameZ20


what timezone are you in: Gmt+1


What is your Discord #ID?: SkyGameZ20#5755


how old are you?: 18.


do you have experience? Estimated around 3-4k hours on ps4 as i used to play constantly since june 2017 and now moved to pc with around 100 hours played so just need to get used to using key binds but other than that sniping and other stuff should be easy as i have alot of hours played on cod.


how active can you be per day? This varies as i work from friday to monday and normally finish around 8-9 so i will be on for a few hours after and the other days is when im mainly active except when my girlfriend comes round.


what makes you a better player than other players applying for this tribe? I am mainly dedicated in defending which also means i would help to raid our enemies as this ensures they cannot attack us. I love to raise babies so we have more tames to use in farming etc, i like doing little tasks like doing extinction drops and doing meat runs. 


are you a Taming Person or a Farming person? Farming as im always the one to ride the quetz on a metal run and we are always overweighted on an 8k quetz

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