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Hey I have a question regarding the stat cap in the game for official servers. So I heard that the cap in the game for stats is 255 and that it can't go beyond this or the stat will break. I was wondering if this 255 stat cap includes the domesticated levels you put into your dinos when you get experience for them? Like for instance if you bred for 255 stat points into melee and pumped all of your 73 domesticated levels into melee would it break the stat or would it be okay after server restart? I was confused about this because Ive seen different answers to this subject. I would like to know this because I plan on breeding a super carno but am unsure if I have to breed for exactly 182 points into melee and them pump in 73 levels to get to 255 or the other option.

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15 hours ago, GerBear said:

Okay so domesticated levels don't affect the stat cap? Like I could go for 254 levels into melee and then pump 73 levels into it once it's got max xp and it would be fine?

No, like I said its the total that matters. Total means domesticated + wild + mutated. From what I have read the max you can go is 254 and anything 255 or above is subject to poofing.

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