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Custom food vs jerkys

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Yea custom food.  

Jerky takes time and resources like sparkpowder which is better used for ammo. 

Crafting skill recipe gives you 100+ food/water, also has a long spoil timer. It's a bit more costly in the raw resource (food mostly uses raw meat, I like citronal for drink but some just use berry). Drink also gives you more (stacks to 20 vs 3 gulps from a canteen). 

Both are good for longterm usage. 

Custom recipes do weigh more, however. 

It's really dealers choice on preference.

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Custom consumables all the way. You only need to eat one to fill your food/water meter and they're cheap and easy to produce. Raw meat for food and crops for water. They last way longer and weigh less because you only need one stack. Custom drinks are 100% the best on scorched earth since they don't evaporate.

If you're not past level 100 your recipes will be pretty mediocre, ask or pay a high level player for a recipe.

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I think it's much more useful in pvp - since it heals you on top of replenishing food/water and being lightweight. In pve I stopped using custom recipe food/drinks. It's easier to grab and eat couple of eggs of dinos scattered around base or even raw meat.


There are alternative uses for custom consumables though:

- troll food for your tribemates. Use few stacks of rotten meat and make -5000 hp snack. Forcefeed it to your mates while they asleep.

- dino "energy drink". Use few stacks of stims and make extra-stam food for your flyer so you won't get stuck midair again.

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