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Builder/Farmer looking for a PvE tribe

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I have about a 1000 hours between PC and XBox. I've just decided to come back to the game after a three year hiatus. Primarily I would like to build and gather resources. I'll tend to the base and do chores and such. But, building is my passion. Building a new base or outpost, designing a better dino garage, egg factory, or work area. Building a taming raft or a cool monument to the tribe. I just want to design and build stuff that looks cool but is functional. And I'll gather the materials to do it. I do not like to tame or breed though. I have plenty of experience breeding and will help out if needed, but I'd rather just build and gather. I usually draw out my projects using MS Visio and figure out what I need to complete them, then I start gathering/building. I' can share my plans on discord or a forum for critique before I start them. If you have room for someone like that in your PC PVE Tribe, let me know. 


I can play most nights and some on the weekend. I had two level 100 toons on XBox, but I just started a new toon on PC. I am 43 years old. I have a headset and Discord. I live in the Central Time Zone (US).

Discord: Spiller #3094

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