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Community Crunch 239: TLC 3 Update, EVO Event, and More!

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Amazing! 2 useless creatures get TLC while quetzal, bronto and a shark cry in the corner together. Can't wait!

Mammoth sounds awesome but Stego seems wasteful. They already had a strong role in both PvP and PvE. This leaves the Megalodon as useless as ever, the Quetzal trumped as a farmer enhancement by t

Awesome updates but again there are other dinos that are in more need of a TLC, Quetzal is one of them. I really hope they are the 3rd and final tlc dinos this time around.😍

Whoever designed the X variants, the Tropeo and now the Stego TLC (you can't convince me one same person isn't behind these) really deserves a raise. Those look amazing, with a great use of stripes/patterns (and the Stego's are even functional !), better volumes, and incredible details. 

Also gotta love the S&M saddle for the Stego.

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4 hours ago, slejo said:

I cant see any usability with mammoth AoE buff. I hoped that it will boost damage or HP regen.

The Yuty already exists for damage buffs (plus imprint bonus, mate boost, etc). We really don't need more damage in the game. Daeodon and Snow Owl exist for healing buffs. The stamina regen is kind of meh, but fear immunity is pretty big when you're running at an enemy with a yuty.

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1 hour ago, Ralimak said:

We really don't need more damage in the game.

We means you and who? You really thisk thats youre voice of all players?

1 hour ago, Ralimak said:

fear immunity is pretty big when you're running at an enemy with a yuty.

so as i expected. This buff and TLC is made for PVP.

just like Stego TLC too.

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4 hours ago, Elway358 said:

Will the Mammoth still be able to gather berries? I used it as my main berry gatherer on Genesis because its fairly smallish and fast and gathers more than what I need without fooling with another bigger/slower/less weight cap tame.

Tame a Procoptodon. Smaller, Faster, and Better Weight. Trust me here. 

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Question for Clarity:
Wild Stegos and Wild Mammoths are going to get the ability to dismount riders in TLC3?
Or is the mechanic just for tamed versions?

I ask because..
Being dismounted by a wild is one of the most debilitating-to-my-enjoyment mechanics of Ark.

I am passionately against that mechanic in PvE, and I want nothing to do with it. I change how I play (with great upset) just to avoid that specific mechanic.

I avoid building in places I want to build in, just to avoid wilds with that mechanic.
I disable all spawns on my singleplayer, just to avoid that mechanic.
I disabled all wilds with that mechanic on my Unofficial that I used to have.

I live around wild mammoth spawns on Official PvE currently, and I do not like moving my whole base. I hope this isnt what it seems. I really hope it isnt.

I do not like that mechanic, I do not like Riders dismounted by wilds on PvE.

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20 hours ago, Bondue said:

I think this TLC will just make the stego the center piece to Rockwell.

Maybe you re right.
It would depend on how dismounting prevent will work with tentacle electroshocking. Enemy dismount prevention maybe just work against purlovia, raptor or thyla.
If it will prevent from tentacles electro drop, it will be OP for Rockwell.. but notice - Master Controller too. 

AAND i hope it will affect TEK STEGO too

Edited by slejo
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