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Recruiting PS4 PVE Official

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Hello all , Mad Moxxis (Assault Unit) is looking for a few new members to complete the Alpha Genesis Boss, Collect Event Tames, and prepare for Genesis Part 2. The tribe has been around since launch so, we can provide you with some of the best tames, tek, and real staying power.

Our tribe is on multiple servers so we pool resources.  We need active, engaged, team players to get it done, we can provide everything. Although you may have to raise for imprint and help complete missions.  Reply to post or message me with any questions.  Our goal is to get a dedicated 10 (player boss fight limit) based on current membership and recruitment efforts such as these.  This initiative will require constructing a few outpost and gathering a few tames.  We also have exposure on the newest map Crystal Isles for those interested.  We expect a fun, respectful experience, it's more of a marathon then a sprint. 

PS4, PVE, Official, 1141.

PSN DiG-247

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