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Were wild spinos always able to destroy behemoth gates?

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I have my base at a waterfall by the blue biome in Ab, and I have behemoth gates that cut through the river. I figured they would protect me against the piranhas, spinos, karkinos, sarcos, and other creatures that'll happily tear me apart- lol.


But a spino literally shredded my gate the other day as it was attacking fish. I wasn't aware they could do that. 

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That is what throws me off. There were no nameless. Only an angry spinosaur, maybe a manta and a sarco as well. I'll for sure be changing them all to metal soon, but the fact the gates took so much damage in a short amount of time confuses me..


Is there any measure on official where if you build on a river the structure takes more damage? I'm not blocking any paths.


Edit; The only thing that I genuinely thought could do that and would spawn nearby is an alpha karkinos. But there was none in sight.

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