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pvp PvP only sat and prep weekdays with admin free!! Mobile


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Search ark mobile PvP all difficult all  NA region type 777 search you will see server.

Hello My names Max I’m 44 been playing ark since alpha off and on. I have made server I love no farming just preparing pvp and pvp!!! I’m trying get people on server that would like to pvp set times saturdays cst 1-10pm. I will give your tribe 1 admin to set up for weekend battles. And on Friday EVERYONE  loses admin for weekend. Also pvp is for fun no passive kills no blowing vaults just trash talk and pvp and massive destruction. No one will be wiped and ran off our server. Also  I never have and never will ban anyone don’t care how toxic you are!!

I have 10k hours in ark and I I don’t want farm mats or lvl so on my server free lvl 100 and with admin all mats free tribe can use. So if you like me love ark but can’t play 24/7 I have 2 kids a job wife but love ark. You want have farm, you want have lvl just prep for battle and pvp!!!


The only thing I require you to do is join server introduce yourself to me Max and play active and build a base for 7 days. With atleast 3 active players. I have to weed out people who want admin just blow everything up on server so I need you to invest some time. I’ve only had roll server back 1 time admin abuse. I want to prevent this so we can all just have fun!!!!!

1.If you Like to Never be offline raided. This servers for you.

2. Like to raid soaking turrets and pvp. This servers for you.

3. No boxed Dino’s period never will be boxed rocket quetzal. No boxed mammoths parcers are any exploit. All flyers on my server 90% speed reduction when hit. I want to make ground Dino’s useful.

4.No allying or teaming up on other admin tribes But!! You can help admin tribes defend if you like.

5.no raiding bobs on server if your in admin tribe can only pvp raid Saturday’s.  

6. All admin tribes host 1 event a week can be Dino’s, loot, racers, pvp, arenas, mazes.

The only people that will have a problem on this server is with admin if they enter another admins base area during week they will lose admin forever. Admins meant prep for big raid get Dino’s and make whatever they want for weekend mayhem!! 


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