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PVE Crystal Isles Transfer issues and other maps!

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I don't know about the rest but I find it kinna sad that a lot of the trophies or dermises glitch when you transfer them to another map. It is kinna sad that you can't decorate on pve with the things you got from other map.


Few things that glitch after transfer:

Flag from crystal Isles. 

Dermises from crystal isles.

Dermises from Ragnarok.

Dermises from bosses.


I think ark should fix this. Or at least allow us to buy them on Extinction with a bug correction so that they don't glitch again when you transfer them.


What do you guys think?


Official PC PVE player

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I agree it would be nice to have this sorted. We built a museum with every Ark creature, artifact and trophy. Initially it all went well and the display was great, but, with each update creatures started to disappear. The dermis are still in the taxidermy bases  but over time fewer and fewer of the exhibits display.

Not sure about buying them, maybe just a fix so they actually display when not on the map they were obtained.

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