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Karkinos knockout impossible?

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I have already tamed a Karkinos but need another. 

But seems so the boulders shot with the catapult have no effect. I fired several hundred boulders at some low level Karkinos, it does not knoclout or kill them.

I remember that my first karkinos screamed everytime when hit with the boulder. Now the karkinos don't scream. They bleed a little bit and that's all.

This is on official Crystal Isles map. Was anyone able to knockout a karkinos in the last days on official?

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Yes, they broke the catapult turret with the recent patch. It's not just the crabs, it doesn't register shots on anything. I wasted so much time and mats over this, I really hope they fix this asap because I need to tame a crab. Might still be possible to do it with cannon, but that reduces effectiveness very badly and too hard for me to do solo.

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6 hours ago, Rio4201 said:

Karkinos is sketchy at best, one of my biggest complaints for years is that unless you hit the dang thing perfectly every time you end up killing it.  It can still be done however, but it's an awkward process and still can result in a dead crab. I've tamed a few over the last few days.

That beast is really tricky. I built a new advanced trap to fix it on position. But it can slip through walls and ceilings, not easy to build a working cage. I hope they fix the catapult with the current patch.

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