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Hey! As many of you may know already and many of you may not know, I have been working on a summary of ARK lore that is easy to understand but accurate. I have partially done the project but have worked for two months and there are still many inaccuracies and things I left unfinished. I will post the document here, feel free to read, edit it, expand on it, and finish it if you wish.

ARK Lore Summary.pdf ARK Lore Summary.txt

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Dunno about your thoughts on how well it swims, that's gonna be a 'let's see' for me, but as for water, there's plenty of water we can see at the bottom of the trench, which by my guess, is pretty big

Actually the simulation doesn’t simulate where we are going. That was never it’s purpose. It was to get us ready for the extremes. Every environment and creature was taken to a extreme so we are ready

Interesting idea. The element on this planet could be element in its natural form and coexists with the life on the planet. An amount of element could have then traveled to Earth by methods unkno

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On 2/10/2021 at 8:38 AM, ArkTheoryApprentice said:

Yessiree. One ring is definitely going to be more tame than the other (blue), and the other is most likely going to be the higher risk/reward area of the map with heavier story elements (purple). The idea of the purple ring being corrupted is also a thing which is quite possible, but in my opinion it's most likely where Rockwell's Garden is located. We do however know that Element Corruption will most likely be a present threat on the Genesis-Ship, as during the ending cutscene of Genesis Part I we can see a female Survivor getting Corrupted within their chamber.

We also see in the trailers “boss fight” section, the corruption also in the parts that aren’t really the rings, meaning not only is 1 ring messed up, so is the ship, which makes it more likely the the rings separated, I feel like, cuz that wold get rid of the rest and destroy all advanced Tek.

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