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Dunno about your thoughts on how well it swims, that's gonna be a 'let's see' for me, but as for water, there's plenty of water we can see at the bottom of the trench, which by my guess, is pretty big

Actually the simulation doesn’t simulate where we are going. That was never it’s purpose. It was to get us ready for the extremes. Every environment and creature was taken to a extreme so we are ready

Interesting idea. The element on this planet could be element in its natural form and coexists with the life on the planet. An amount of element could have then traveled to Earth by methods unkno

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4 minutes ago, Fes said:


Ok so the Noglin can attach onto creatures ( and survivors ) with it's tongue and once it's attached it can mindcontroll them.

About the taming, from what i'm getting there's sacrifice involved so it looks like it will be something similar to troodon taming

I bet it can explode the hosts head when it’s done mind controlling it 

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