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Actually the simulation doesn’t simulate where we are going. That was never it’s purpose. It was to get us ready for the extremes. Every environment and creature was taken to a extreme so we are ready

Dunno about your thoughts on how well it swims, that's gonna be a 'let's see' for me, but as for water, there's plenty of water we can see at the bottom of the trench, which by my guess, is pretty big

Interesting idea. The element on this planet could be element in its natural form and coexists with the life on the planet. An amount of element could have then traveled to Earth by methods unkno

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So, here are my final ideas and theories for Genesis Part 2 before the Extra Life stream...I was hoping to do a little more theorizing and lore-building before it, but this is what I have so far:

Terran Federation Tek Suit: 

Obtained at the end of Genesis Part 1, this suit definitely looks like it's going to play a major role in GP2, based on how it appears in pretty much every teaser with a survivor in it. This particular suit appears to be a variant (possibly reverse engineered version?) of the URE suits we've seen in the past, and there are more than likely several differences - visually it's a bit more sleek, and even has a giant Federation logo right smack in the middle of the visor. As for it's capabilities in combat...well, that's kind of up in the air. It may give us some special advantages like greater melee damage or higher oxygen (you can also see some sort of device on the back of the suit in some of the teasers featuring it), but unless we're going up against some pretty formidable foes in GP2, I imagine that there will likely be some catch to the suit that won't make it completely overpowered. Perhaps we will have to unlock certain upgrades for it by completing missions, or heck, maybe the suit will even have its own attributes/stats in our inventory, although that's mostly just speculation on my part. 

Gremlin (Unofficial name on the wiki): 
First appearing in the Halloween teaser (above), the Gremlin looks like it’s going to be the “iconic shoulder pet” of GP2. Visually it looks like a cross between the Bulbdog and a Ferox, and behaviorally, well...that’s where things get interesting. As seen in the Halloween teaser, the Gremlin appears to be fully capable of decapitating an opponent; based off of the hole in the severed head seen in the teaser, and the seam running from the Gremlin’s mouth down its front, I think it’s safe to assume that the Gremlin attacks its enemies by literally splitting open, spearing them with its tongue, and then pulling them closer until it can yank hard enough to literally tear them apart - sort of like how the Bloodstalker attacks, or like that one imposter kill in Among Us (minus the dismemberment part). This would likely make the Gremlin a difficult creature to deal with, especially given how much smaller and more nimble it must be than a Bloodstalker - but at the same time, that likely means it would be an even more useful shoulder pet (assuming it can be tamed, which it looks like it does). Once tamed it would likely operate in a similar way as a tamed Bloodstalker, allowing you to latch onto other creatures at will in order to either pull them closer or kill them outright. Of course, the Gremlin likely lacks several of the Bloodstalkers other abilities, like wall climbing and water walking, but as a compact version of this one ability, well, I’m curious to see how this would play out.

So yeah, WC has essentially created an even more deadly version of the Killer Rabbit from Monty Python. Well done.

Strider (Unofficial name on the wiki):
Some sort of large lizard or serpent-like creature with a frill and large fangs. Looks a bit similar to a dragon or rock drake. There’s really not much more we can tell about this particular creature since we’ve only seen a single dimly lit image of it from the neck up so far.

Space Fish: 

Most likely a smaller, more nimble relative of the Astrocetus that can be outfitted with a tek saddle and ridden like a jet.

Rockwell Tentacles:

Probably a smaller enemy that looks like it's going to hound the player throughout GP2.

Setting and Story:
Now THIS is the real meat and potatoes of this post, the reason being that we really don't know anything definitive about where or when GP2's story takes place, or really what that story even is. However, I have found it pretty fun to speculate about, so here are some of the major points I want to make - 

  • Space is definitely going to play a major role in GP2, based how it frequently appears in the teasers released thus far.
  • The teaser for the Space Fish appears to take place on the Colony Ship, meaning that that may also be a place visited in GP2.
  • If you look at a brightened version of the strider teaser again, you can see what looks like seaweed and some other undersea fauna on the bottom right. This leads me to assume that there could possibly be an ocean biome in GP2 as well.
  • In GP1 HLN-A mentions the existence of an engrammic matrix, a part of the brain that allows someone's memories to be preserved and extracted even centuries after that person's death. This opens up the possibility that Genesis 1 & 2 could take place CENTURIES after the end of Extinction.
  • In the background of the Space Fish teaser you can see an ominous looking planet with red splotches on it, as well as what appears to be some sort of hologram of an Extinction-type setting. The fact that you can see tons of tek-looking structures in this hologram, something that didn't appear in GP1, might indicate that this place was inhabited by tek people at one point.

And now for some larger story topics - A VERY IMPORTANT detail I noticed watching the GP1 end cutscene again is that during roughly the first 30 seconds you can see a weird glowing/pulsating device in the center of the incubation pod room that I think everyone is overlooking 0 the reason being I believe this particular device looks pretty similar to another device we've seen before - the one from the GP1 countdown. If you look at the two devices side by side, they actually share several similarities - they both have spinning rings, a variety of holograms, and pulsating beams of light that feed from the ceiling down to the floor and seem to give little glimpses into the simulation. They certainly don't look 100% the same (possibly because one device resides in Arat Prime and the other is one the Colony Ship), but I'm very certain that they have the same function - enabling things running on a certain system (like messages and people's consciousness being stored on the colony ship and Arat Prime's networks) to go from one location in the real world to the Genesis simulation, and then potentially have them exit the simulation to a different location in the real world. The reason we know this is because A) We saw Helena communicate with HLN-A from Arat Prime using this device, B) We pass through a similar set of spinning rings when entering/respawning in the simulation, and C) If you look closely at the device in the GP1 end cutscene, at the part where our survivor gets off the floor and the device starts sinking into the floor, you can see a series of holographic outlines for what look like a series of pillars - pillars that look identical to the ones we see in that little "In-between" area when teleporting around the simulation.                                                                                                                                                                                                Now, the reason I'm bringing all this up is because of the implications it has for the ending of GP1 and the beginning of GP2 - at the end of the GP1 end cutscene, when our survivor turns around after getting the tek suit, we can see if we look closely enough that the Rockwell tentacle that grabs us emerges from the floor of the incubation pod room - from the same place the device is. And if we know that that device is connected to the GenSim, then that must mean that what's really happening at the end of the GP1 cutscene is us getting grabbed and dragged back into the GenSim - which would then mean that GP2 is going to at least start in the GenSim. 

Now, I can understand why that might confuse some of you, especially given how we've seen so many GP2 teasers that clearly don't take place in the GenSim (like the ones with space or the Rockwell tentacles), but here me out - here's a bit of a rough draft of how I think GP2's story might play out to better explain how this might all fit together:

GP2 would start where GP1 left off, with our survivor being seperated from HLN-A and dragged back into the GenSim. Since Rockwell lost control over the first 5 biomes we visited in GP1, we are instead being taken to some new area of the simulation, one that is more or less fully under his control and has been heavily manipulated by him to look his own twisted version of a perfect world (this would then explain why Genesis is split up into two parts - both parts happen within the GenSim, but the state of the simulation in each part is vastly different, as each portion of the GemSim we visit has been manipulated by a different person). The place is infested with a new, pink version of corruption that Rockwell has created following his escape from Aberration, and this has caused the whole place to turn into a hellish and apocalyptic wasteland like Extinction. This would then explain the Extinction-esque hologram we see in the background of the Space Fish teaser - that part of the teaser literally depicts the GenSim device beaming an image of this destroyed portion of the GenSim onto some sort of table (Note what appear to be rings on the top of the beam, and a part of the hologram that appears to drop off, indicating where the table or whatever ends). 

After making our way through this terrifying version of the simulation, we eventually make our escape by fighting some sort of boss. We then reenter the real world - only to find that we are in a different part of the Colony Ship. Furthermore, the pink corruption Rockwell has created has now begun manifesting itself in the real world and has begun infesting the Colony Ship. We the player are then supposed to make our way through this portion of the infested Colony Ship in order to perform some series of tasks or fight another boss, and are then yanked back into the GenSim. And so on and so forth - a repeating cycle of jumping back and forth between the absolutely broken GenSim and an increasingly infested Colony Ship. Each time we jump back and forth things get increasingly more chaotic - such as a version of the GenSim’s ocean biome that has now become infested with undersea monsters even more terrifying than the Moeder. Along the way we come across creatures such as the Gremlin, Strider, and Space Fish, reunite with HLN-A, find out a little more about Helena, the fate of Mei and Diana (or heck, maybe we’ll meet Mei and Diana), the Arrival, the Terran Federation, etc. All the while being hounded by Rockwell and his corrupted army. Everything then culminates in the Colony Ship’s control room, where we have some final confrontation with Rockwell over who gets total control over the Ship. And in the end we get some final confirmation over what the arrival is, which creates a direct segue into ARK 2.

Most likely, the Arrival is us, the survivors being trained on the Colony Ship, arriving on a distant alien planet - one that the old humans had found to either have been infected by corruption like Earth, or was the homeworld of element (remember the red splotches on the planet seen in the Space Fish teaser? We’ve seen something similar to that before - the hologram of corrupted Earth seen in The Island’s Hall of History; definitely means that this world is infected with corruption). It is then our task as the player(s) to land on this planet and use our skills learned from the ARKs and GenSim to find the source of this corruption and put a stop to it once and for all.

...At least, that’s what I would like to see happen in GP2...probably isn’t though lol. But at the very least, I would like to see it A) Tie up most of, if not all of the loose threads held over from the previous expansions, B) Introduce new plot threads that lead directly into ARK 2, and C) Drop the whole multiplayer angle and just be an epic singleplayer journey that just centers on the player, HLN-A, and Rockwell. Oh, and that gremlin whatever-it-is that’s obsessed with severed heads.

Fun fact: Sorry if this feels incredibly rushed, I made this entire post in the span of around 13 hours; knowing Extra Life is today is like its own form of adrenaline that has me goin like 

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Interesting idea, but frankly I don't think it'll be the case.

For the record, I haven't seen anything from the stream yet (I don't even know the exact time it starts, but damn I can't wait until I have enough time to watch it.

It seems to me more like the tentacle broke the GenSim access point that you are talking about, not that we were getting pulled back, although I see your line of thought with that. I also think there will be a back and forth but not between Sim and ship, but between planet and ship and maybe also the Sim. But overall I don't think we'll be getting forcibly dragged back in.

Sorry if it's hard to read btw, I'm posting from my phone and don't have a lot of time.

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19 minutes ago, TinyHippo said:


Interesting idea, but frankly I don't think it'll be the case.

For the record, I haven't seen anything from the stream yet (I don't even know the exact time it starts, but damn I can't wait until I have enough time to watch it.

It seems to me more like the tentacle broke the GenSim access point that you are talking about, not that we were getting pulled back, although I see your line of thought with that. I also think there will be a back and forth but not between Sim and ship, but between planet and ship and maybe also the Sim. But overall I don't think we'll be getting forcibly dragged back in.

Sorry if it's hard to read btw, I'm posting from my phone and don't have a lot of time.

That's fine, lol. It starts at 10am PST, or where I live (Michigan) 1:00pm. Nine. Teen. Minutes.

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