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Few seconds of lag when opening inventory / transferring items from inventories.

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I've seen multiple topics talking about this already, but they're all kinda old. Wondered if there was already a fix by now. I'm on PS4 Slim, Ark digital.

Whenever I open my or a creature's inventory I get a small but rather annoying lag spike for less than a second, sometimes up to 5 seconds, this also happens sometimes when transferring items from inventories but it's not as severe, as well as when dropping items but that's not as often either. This has been going on since I bought the game. It's updated to the latest version and everything.

Pls help, and thank you.

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Tags, this is my first topic lol
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so, im from brazil, and im having this problem, where EVERYTIME i open the inventory, it gets a 2 sec freeze, its really annoing, principally when playing local with friend, i have a ps4 pro, and this happens everytime, on singleplayer, no items on the inventory, or anything like that, and it is really annoing! can anyone tell me how to fix it or something?

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So I want to say, does anyone else have that when you leave you inventory that you can't move and have to jump, this gets very annoying during rough times, for example to craft something how about a spear and than u notice a therizinosaurus is walking your way but u are frozen so he gets agro and you die because of it. See what i mean it sucks. Oh and i think this is only on Multiplayer Ps4 ARK! .

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