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The website on Android seems to be incorrectly setup. When I go to the website, i don't typically see the usual website on mobile. I had to go Google to search for the forums to get a link. 


All i can see is the "update news". 

I don't see an option to hit forums on my phone. I'm not using desktop site on my phone either. 


So I'm adding onto this after realizing the original thing I reported is worse than not being able to see anything on the website. 

I have to actually enable desktop version on my phone to get here and update this post.

Adding to the problem: the mobile version seems to be stuck or the viewpoint wet get on mobile is broken. 

I realized this once I realized I couldn't even see my profile picture to get to my profile. 

Please fix this. 

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7 hours ago, Krallipolda said:

Since the last update I have problems with the forum on mobile, too. I am on iOS and I cannot see the button for the menu for navigating the page, going to my profile and so on. The menu button seems to be completely gone. I have not found any way to navigate to my profile up to now.

I have the exact same problem. 

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