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EPIC Players unable to find servers


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Recently there was an IP change to a few selected servers. Due to the IP change, these servers are not showing up for players that play using Epic launcher. Some players have tried to contact Epic and was told that this was out of their control.  This was a response from EPIC regarding the issue. Attached also is a list of server affected by the change.


I understand that you are having problems with the Ark game, but as it is not a game made by Epic Games, we do not have the tools or the knowledge base necessary to solve your problem.

However, it is important for us that it is resolved, and for that, we recommend that you contact Studio Wildcard, game developer, through the link below:


If you still have any other problem, doubt, or suggestion, please do not hesitate to contact us again, as one of our agents will do its best to serve you!

Kind regards,
Papa Bravo.

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