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Three Alpha Wyverns (Doesn't stop there)

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So, just a few minutes ago, I was testing Griffin egg stealing for wyverns on Ragnarok in Creative (So I could see issues/difficulty and to strategize and such). So as I was testing my methods, I noticed there is an alpha wyvern. Took a peek at the spyglass and noticed it was a different one than I saw earlier in my gameplays. I look over to the side, take another peek, oh wow look at that. Another alpha wyvern was sitting right next to it. I remembered I didn't kill the original alpha wyvern from before, so now there are three of these things. Lvl 9, 57, and 35. All of this is not just happening here.

Little while ago I was on the Valguero map. I then was going outside my base to tame a Bulbdog. I walked right back inside when I saw three alpha raptors outside my base. I don't have an escape route so I'm most likely stuck there for now. On the Crystal Isles, I was just running along on my Equus to find some flat land, then I saw an alpha rex. Easily enough, I just wiggled past it. So all's good there? Nah. I wiggled past the alpha rex, ONLY TO GET JUMPSCARED BY A SECOND ONE. So, I died, and so did my Equus.

I know the alphas are supposed to be a challenge and all, but this has gotten ridiculous over time. Anyone have any advice or the same problem etc.?

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