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Do we really need a 24 hour for ark data upload?



Do we really need a 24 hour for ark data upload?

Nothing hurts more then losing stuff to the ark upload because of something in life getting in the way or having it simply slip your mind and in this game which demands you give up real life time for things like Raising babies, taming Dinos, Making times with lower tier times, coming back to  make sure your base doesn't auto decay, looking out for dinos to tame if your new (Like gigas or the new crystal wyverns) Etc.

It's a bit much, I like the game but for the most part If life kicks in my door I don't want that to be the reason why I lose a base or tames at least not again. I don't see why the ark upload has to keep that timer, I truly don't and even if it's for something like "so people don't store things in the upload as a end all be all" anything worth keeping is being transferred out of that sever we've all done it.

Honesty I don't think it's needed anyway the game already demand a lot of time if your alone and even if your in a mega tribe.


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