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CrystalIsles 837 PC-Steam DDOS Attack & Cloning

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CrystalIsles 837 PC-Steam DDOS Attack & Cloning

Our server was working perfectly just a few days ago.  We are not over crowded we have the same players we have always had plus two newbies that are totally cool goofballs.  We did have the cloner someone who is freezing our server since the day of the desync episode and it's patch fix.  We knew there was a cloner because the type of lag.  We would yell in chat for him/r to stop and it would go away for a while then they would start up again.  

This however reaks of ddos.  Someone is trying an extortion.  Forcefully crashing our server and threatening someone out there unless they pay up irl cash.  

I don't buy that our server suddenly does not work.  

Only other thing it can be is the cloner has to many pets out.  Prob using them for boss fight or selling. 

Really the cryo was a good idea but there will always be some smuck who does not care about anyone but hisser self keeping all their pets out "for breeding."

You know when people yell at you "fix your server?"  This is what they are talking about.  Not balance issues with dinos and landing birds that walk off.  They mean DDOS attack and everyone leaving all dinos out crashing the server.  Crystal Isles is to young to have issues.

Fix these problems.

I offered one solution.  Instanced housing.  Where you could take your breeding stock away from the main official servers on a home instance and breed with them all out of cryo to your hearts' content.  Then reduce the pets out of cryo in the shared instance to only 40 pets out of cryo at a given time.  Get rid of the limits on how many pets you can have.  Just limit how many you can have out at a given time.

And stop caring about pvp's meshing.  Take time to stop DDOS'ing to heal the pve servers. 

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Report all instances of DDoS, duping, meshing, aimbotting, real money transactions or other exploits, with your evidence, to support via ticket at:


Nobody on the Community Forum can help you with these in-game issues.

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