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No Sessions Found / Missing Servers

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No sessions found

I am a active duty soldier and only get limited time to play most days. Having to wait hours hitting refresh because no sessions found is unexcused. I lost everything on my abberation server 755 because I couldn't get in to refresh the map. And now for the last week I'll have to wait a hour at a time to log into my crystal isles server. If I'm raising a baby and can't get back on to fed then what's the point?

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  • Joebl0w13 changed the title to No Sessions Found / Missing Servers

Same.  This forum website does not appear on my PC either.  I am typing this from my telephone.  All my fav servers are showing as not available in the game client.

I recently did the big 2004Win10 update but got in after worked good that was yesterday.  Tonight cannot get on servers tho show they up Battlemetrics.

Will try a verify integrity now.

PC steam official

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