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Evolution Telavision

Hi everyone, I thought this would be a good section of the forum to drop this into. A coworker and I have been playing Ark on Xbox/Windows10 for a few years now and we wanted to put a spin on the game and things we would see from other channels. Basically, it is a channel that uses Ark content we recorded to make TV shows, in a format you would see on TV. Complete with self-made commercials, music, drama and action series', etc.

We're having a blast creating it, and we hope You all might be interested in something a little more refreshing from Ark/Youtube!

We just posted the first episode of the first show called Most Dangerous Jobs last week. We have 5 of those episodes done and ready to upload as well as some commercial spots. There are two more series' in development right now.

Again, much appreciation is given to whoever takes a look at the videos as they come out. We do this in our free time and on zero budget. Enjoy!

Evolution Telavision


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