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9 minutes ago, Se7endesmin79 said:

Updated base rates

Not sure if wildcare is aware of not but the base rates on Xbox are still the same as 1 XP, gathering stone one at a time.

Been stated a bunch of times, in community crunch as well as on twitter that the base rates being increased will have no effect on picking up a stone by hand, that will continue to be 1 stone where as using a pick or a dino will have increased rates. They said the only time a hand picked stone will be increased is during Evo events and the like.

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On 9/13/2020 at 8:16 AM, wizard03 said:

not too sure about the taming rate adjustment either......a lvl 115 theri took 5 hours to tame on mejo's…...did it used to take 10 hours on mejo's before the adjustment? o.O

A Theriz on official rates used to take 8:40hrs using Mejoberries. Currently it takes about 4:15hrs I believe.

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