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When will NVIDIA DLSS 2.0 be in Ark

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In 2016 Nvidia made it official that ark would be one of the games that would support Dlss. Now more than 4 years later it's yet to be seen. Although I understand why they didn't implement Dlss 1.0 as it was a disaster, there's really no excuse as to why they would not implement 2.0. 


Here is an example of a unreal engine 4 game that implemented Dlss 2.0 over the weekend https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/geforce/news/march-2021-rtx-dlss-game-update/. I don't want to speculate but it feels like they are gatekeeping this feature for ark 2 or they have another technical explanation. 

This would massively improve the performance 30-80% depending on native resolution and is no joke. If a small studio can do it over a weekend there's really no excuse as to why a mayor publisher such as Wildcard could not do it.


// Danskung


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They're never going to add DLSS. All this originates from Wildcard taking advantage of the RTX 30xx series graphics cards launch promotions and they claimed RTX features were coming in exhange for having ARK listed as one of the games on the RTX advertisements. It's a shame that there are no consequences for companies who do things like this. They did the exact same thing with the launch of directX 12 except then they really dragged everyone along, always listing it as "a little further out".

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