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quality of life Add hotkey to take crops from crop plots quickly without opening inventory.


Add hotkey to take crops from crop plots quickly without opening inventory.

Adding a simple hotkey to take out crops from crop plots without having to open inventory would be a lot faster when you have over 400 crop plots to take out crops from. It takes so long to empty hundreds of crop plots and by adding a simple hotkey to take out the crops and not fertilizer would be a lot faster. This has suggested before like swinging at crop plot with sickle to get the crops which is good idea but it can still be a lot simpler. These small things make the game a lot more faster paced rather than spending an hour collecting crops. It can be like the glowbug button to take charge into a battery or something like that. This way you can hit g multiple times to collect crops from hundreds of crop plots in less than 15 minutes.669.jpgIf there is Deposit Fertilizer button why not add a take crops button?

If not then make it if you right click with sickle it harvests many crop plots in an area. I know there is mods for this but please make it possible on official. 

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1 minute ago, Aylana314159 said:

Why not just let the sickle harvest crops?

yeah that would work to. Anything to make it easier like running down a row of crop pots and harvesting them. Its tedious having to open the inventory of each crop plot and take out the crops one by one.

Especially when you have over 400 crop plots having to harvest each day.

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yup please add this. Makes it a lot more enjoyable because you can focus on other things rather then collecting crops one by one.



Maybe make it so if you right click with sickle it collects crops from crop plots in a area. so you don't have to look at each one specifically and also because left click will damage the crop plot.

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Prior to the suggestions section being switched to the voting setup there was a similar suggestion. 

And after the change was rolled out, I added it again because it is something I agree with 100%. 

It should be easier to harvest from the the plots, it should also be easier to add fertilizer to them. 

On the suggestion I posted, a few of the methods below were proposed;

  • Use of the Sickle to harvest from crop plots. 
    • It could cut the items grown and take from them or simply take from the plot and leave them growing.
  • Addition of a "basket" as an item. The character would swing it over the plot to gather the harvestables.
  •  Use of the Whip to collect items from the plots. This works on the bushes, ground, eggs, feces, and gacha crystals - so adding it to pull from the plots fits (though it may seem a bit weird)
  • Follow the Atlas method of simply walking up to the plot and selecting the default option used to open an inventory or a riding a creature to collect from the plot. Once the harvest is complete the option would change from "Harvest" to "add fertilizer" and under it you would see the amount remaining for the fertilizer in the plot. 
  • Add advanced methods of farming including additional plots, possibly raised beds, and a tek harvester/fertilizer. 

The link to the original post is below. I had tried to change the title at one point because the discussion had gone beyond the sickle option - but that wasn't an option.


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