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Lost Island Creature Voting Is Now Closed

Crystal Islands and transfer issue

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Crystal Islands and transfer issue

After they opened the crystal islands map,I've transferred there built a base,and continued playing there and on other maps as usual.

Then I noticed this issue:

Except of prime crystals and fertile eggs I cant transfer or upload consumables.

These include: comestibles . Shock darts.Kibble.Health and other potions.

Anyone else notice this? 

Is there some workaround or all consumables I bring to Crystal STAY in Crystal?

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I main on CI so i dont come from another server, but i have no problem bringing out anything, i bring out potions, food, consumables, and dishes all the time when i jump around doing bosses on other maps.

I obviously have to wait for the timer and sometimes the timer refreshes before thoe old one is done but this is just a visual bug for me, i can still upload it after the first timer has counted down.

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23 hours ago, Castlerock said:

Anything that has a spoil timer cant be uploaded after it has been transferred. For those that can stack, a workaround is to make a new stack that is not full, and put the old stack into the new one and it can be uploaded again when the timer is up.

Thank you for the explanation, and the workaround.

Im sure to use that.

Still weird this only happens to me on Crystal Island,Dont think it ever happened on different maps but I might be wrong. ?‍♂️

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this happens across servers.  Anytime something like a fertilized egg, stack of eggs,custom food gets transfered to another server, they can get locked on the server u take them to.  I'm not sure if there's really a guaranteed way of triggering it or if it's just sorta random when it happens, doesn't happen all the time for me - just quite often.


@Castlerock suggested the only known fix for things.  This won't work for fertilzed eggs though, make sure you dont' transfer an egg to a server you aren't planning on hatching it on.

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