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pvp Mobile: Kill Zone free 100 lvls (freshly wiped)

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Kill Zone (Freshly Wiped)- A fast and friendly growing community. Think you got what it takes?

🙃 Server Name: Kill Zone
(Now partnered with Elev8ted Gaming)
⚔️Difficulty: Hard and Brutal
‼️ Game Rules: Pvp (Casual Weekends)
🌏 Region: NA (Hablamos español también)
🔥 Starter Kit available:
-Lvl 100
- Ascendant Flak Armour
- Ascendant Tools (pick, hatchet, sword) 

🔥 We aim to do regular events that may include a chance for you to go up against admins in 1v1s
🔥 3 day raid protection for new tribes
 🔥 We have an active, friendly and experienced admin team
🔥 Dino Dust shop
🔥 Big giveaways every Thursdays and admin loot drops Saturdays!
🔥 Community crafting station at volcano
🔥 Max Rates
Join the discord for more information 


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