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Blitz Week returns on September 1st! For the next 7 days, encounter a different previously-released Dungeon voted on by the community. These Dungeons have been revamped with 2x Eery Element rewards, a 2x chance at encountering Noctis, passive Eerie Equus spawns and come with a reduced timer to keep you on your toes.
Additionally, players on Official Servers will find the rising prices of Toilet Paper reset at the start of Blitz Week.


  • In Multiplayer, players can access each Dungeon on the day that it is featured with the standard free entry.
  • In Single Player, players can access all 7 Dungeons for the entire week. The standard free entry will apply on the day a Dungeon is featured, and a higher entry fee will be applied on all non-featured days.


  • All Dungeons will have their timers reduced by half. You must complete them with haste.
  • You will be twice as likely to encounter Noctis.
  • Eery Element rewards are doubled to 20 in Multiplayer and 40 in Single Player.
  • There is a chance of finding an Eerie Equus roaming the halls of each Dungeon.


Tuesday, September 1st: Cursed Caverns of the Webbed
Features: TEK Boots, TEK Chestpiece, TEK Leggings, TEK Gauntlets, TEK Helmet, Journeyman TEK Helmet (low chance)

Wednesday, September 2nd: The Frozen Depths
Features: TEK Chestpiece, TEK Gauntlets, TEK Leggings, TEK Boots, Journeyman TEK Helmet (low chance)

Thursday, September 3rd: The Boreal Labyrinth
Features: TEK Grenade, TEK Trough, TEK Sleeping Pod, Journeyman TEK Shield (low chance)

Friday, September 4th: Furious Maze of the Ape
Features: TEK Door, TEK Doorframe, TEK Generator, Journeyman TEK Boots (low chance)

Saturday, September 5th: Frosted Den of the Wanderer
Features: TEK Rifle, TEK Generator, TEK Grenade, TEK Staircase, Journeyman Rex TEK Saddle (low chance)

Sunday, September 6th: The Wandering Maelstrom
Features: TEK Replicator, Tapejara TEK Saddle, TEK Foundation, TEK Windowframe, TEK Window, Journeyman TEK SCUBA Mask (low chance)

Monday, September 7th: Bizarre Crypt of the Inebriate
Features: TEK Chestpiece, TEK Sleeping Pod, Mosasaur TEK Saddle, Journeyman TEK Helmet (low chance)


*All featured Dungeons begin at 12:00pm Eastern Time, and end at 11:00am Eastern Time the following day.
**Community-made maps and further information on each Dungeon can be found here.


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Hola muy buenas noches tengo una consulta y si alguien me la puede responder estaria muy agradecido, mi primo tiene un Huawei p 8 normal lo cual el juego le va super bien yo en cambió tengo un móvil LG k50s más actualizado pero el juego no lo puedo ver ya que no me carga el mapa y me dice que no tengo en mi dispositivo el vulkan lo cuál no se qué es y no puedo ver el juego, alguien me puede ayudar

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