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Character Lost - Mega Thread

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I had lost my character, and because I did not have any photo evidence there was nothing they could do to help. I think it would be a great idea to be able to clone yourself however your character can

this one i have to argue, sorry, there are people who would just submit a support ticket saying 'my lvl 135 got wiped!' just to get a high level character.  Without any proof that you did level your c

Here's my problem with that: Fundamentally, at NO time should a company put it on their playerbase to do things that the company by all rights should be doing.  It's the point behind this that I'

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21 hours ago, VeeTea said:

Did you check the upload? If you only checked the servers then it could still be in the upload.

Yeah I checked everything. It's completely gone and my timers on so many things in the ark has ran out by now. I don't even want to play the game anymore. Too many problems, thanks for suggestions though.

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Just lost my character on Official.... put in a ticket.  I already know the process though.  They'll have you make a new character and they'll just give you the experience points you lost.... points that take all of a day to get back.  All the dinos you have imprinted are lost which is where the real time was spent.  So glad  I didn't purchase Genesis yet.  So it's curtains for me, later yall.

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Character Lost?!?!

Long story short character i had over 1.5k hours in just up and left never to be seen again. Contacted support they said unless i have screenshots (DILO who the fk does this) of the tek grams i had all i could get back was the levels... 

I have done all bosses on alpha with exception of Rockwell and the King titan which i have never done.

Anyone know any ways to try and locate my character if it still exists on some server somewhere

I have tried:

Going through all servers on my survivor filter

Checking the servers that battle metrics says i have been on

literally going through 50 other servers that i might have been into

I'm at a loss being told i have lost hundreds of hours of breeding and grinding to do these bosses so any help would be appreciated.


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40 minutes ago, Gafgarion said:

The Wildcard Support only give you max Level 105 Char. They dont give ascension back. Same about the Tek Engrams. They only give you Replicator, Generator, Transmitter, Teleporter, and Tek Turret back.

But Wildcard Support can make a Imprint Transfer so your Dinos will be again imprinted by your Char.

That's Fked lagit hundreds of hours breeding and getting a group together to do the bosses just down the drain because their programmers cant secure player data. I can pretty much remember act for act what we did to do the alpha bosses tek cave and titans. With mega tribes as bad as they are now i dont even know if i will ever be able to redo them.

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I lost my character

Character wiped after King Titan 977

About 13 of us have had our characters wiped after defeating the king titans. I spawned in for a second, noticed my implant had changed then it kicked me and wiped my survivor.    Anyone else had this issue? If yes how was it resolved I’m panicking I’ve had that character since day1

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Character lost, how long does it take GMs?

I lost my character while transferring server and submitted a ticket etc and they answered me pretty much straight away telling me to send proof of character (which I did). This was nearly 15 hours ago and I haven’t heard anything, will they get back to me soon or am I going to be waiting for a while?

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Lost character

Ok so ive submitted a couple tickets, been waiting a couple of weeks, and i dont really know what else to do so im just gonna write here and hopefully someone sees it. my character got randomly deleted when transferring from NA-PVE-Island-83 to EU-PVE-Abberation-380 and i havent been able to log back on and play with my tribe because no one has responded. i really want to get back to playing again and would love for my character to be found or possibly given back to me. If you would like proof that the character existed, just go onto 83 and ask anyone about Hollcountry.

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My character was deleted

I was transferring to a different sever and my game crashed and when I logged back in my level 102 character was deleted and I had all of the tek engrams except for the scorched earth ones and I lost all of my Dino’s that I had in my upload I don’t know how to fix this so I’m stuck with nothing but my level 70 character that no tek engrams

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Lost my 131 Character

I was transferring from my main server to a n aberration server for metal runs and as soon as I try to spawn on the bed my character gets deleted. I was level 131 with all tek engrams. I don’t know what to do about all of my imprinted tames back at base or how to get my character back. Any response helps

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Anyone else that lost a character submit a ticket that is instantly labeled “Solved”?


because I have, I’ve stuck with this game is 2016 and have lost that character after taking a year break. No doubt it’s probably because they took down the legacy server my character was on. Last time I took a year break, my character was on the download survivor list but not this time 

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Character loss after the Valentines 2020 Update.

Running on Unofficial dedicated server.

I logged out for a bit and logged back in and was forced to respawn or create new survivor. So I did (respawn) and went back to where I was last at and I see the green Death marker but no body to loot.

I had lots of ascended gear on me. I ended up doing a savegame revert on my server (servers configured to autosave every 15 minutes) But I wanted to report this so it doesn't happen again.

I logged out on the flat beach in my base with no hostiles in the easy zone of the island. Im assuming I clipped thru the terrain and fell to my death but only god knows.

Luckly I was the only one online on my server or others would have lost progress.

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Character Loss

So once again I have lost a character due to server crashes and roll backs.

Full Alpha on all fights. Plus 5  levels on chibi. Max. Countless imprinted dinos. Babies being raised that can now no longer be imprinted.

And so I go to make a ticket knowing I once again have lost countless hours and work and that Wildcard will not restore this stuff despite the fact they repeatedly break the game. Me starting a new toon and doing all the work- again. Is not a solution.

If you are going to persist with rollbacks and breaking the servers you need to restore a toon fully.

I am sick and I am extremely pissed off. 

How many of you have lost your main toons this event?

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