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Character Lost - Mega Thread

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Hi everyone 
 i lost my  char  (was erased form the island )

i was trying to tranfer my char from the island to Valgueiro Map  on red obelisk , but is gone 

can i get it back ?  ou  at least get my dinos back 

i was playing in Host/solo ( epic games ) and  i cant  join to my tribe with  another  character 
i need some help  please 

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I’ve also lost my character on Valguero. I was trying to jump my gen 1 character onto gen 2 but was in a queue. It was taking a long time so I figured I would check our other base on Val and it’s downloaded my lvl 75 gen 1 character without asking if I want to overwrite my Val character who was lvl 103. But my tribe mate logged into our Val base and my 103 character is in bed. But I can’t access it. I’ve moved the lvl 75 character off of the Val server. What do I do? Sorry I’m new to the forum and didn’t know where to post this.

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I was on a Gen1 server trying to jump to a Gen2 server, I was in a queue but it was taking a long time. I exited out of the game. I went to the main menu to go to a different Character on the Val map. When I loaded into the Val map it made me spawn in and I had no bed. I was definitely confused. When I looked at my character it was the lvl 75 of my Gen1 character. It did not ask to overwrite the Character that was already on the server. My Val Character is lvl 103. My tribe mate logged into our base on Val and my lvl 103 Character is still in the base on my bed. I really don’t want to lose all the hard work of that Character it’s taken me years to get. Help!!! I’ve moved the lvl 75 character off of that map/server. 

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 Today I've lost my surviver.  

Her name is 'mars' caused my wrong operation...

In detail ,stack survivers when I moved already existing server and i pushed punish surviver...

So the fault lies at my door.

But i use it long time .

So i want you recover her data.

Sorry to trouble you but thank you. 

Lost in 1272 server and her level is 136. 



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16 minutes ago, Brianplaisance said:

I was on gen 2 and the update came out and now my Character is going 

How is this forum going to help you with that?
Submit a ticket:


Category In-Game-Issues.

>> If you download your character into a server, and for whatever reason that server stops operating before a save takes place. Do not, ever, join another server, untill the crashed server is back up. Dont join any other servers with other characters, before you log back on the crashed server. This way I may have saved myself from losing my toon by joining servers that would crash before a save multiple times.

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