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Character Lost - Mega Thread

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I had lost my character, and because I did not have any photo evidence there was nothing they could do to help. I think it would be a great idea to be able to clone yourself however your character can

this one i have to argue, sorry, there are people who would just submit a support ticket saying 'my lvl 135 got wiped!' just to get a high level character.  Without any proof that you did level your c

Here's my problem with that: Fundamentally, at NO time should a company put it on their playerbase to do things that the company by all rights should be doing.  It's the point behind this that I'

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You read that right. I had transferred back into NA-PVE-XBOXOFFICIAL-Valguero1096. I had been on the server for around 10 minutes when this happened.

Hooped on Argy, picked up Anky, cruised to some metal spawns. Got some metal. Cruised to another metal spawn got that metal, then while walking to a spawn near that one with Anky game lagged out and I was disconnected from the server. Was unable to reconnect. Killed game and restarted Ark. Still unable to resolve address. Power cycled Xbox One. Bingo! Got in, but what's this? My character is gone. The game wants me to make a new character. Okay. Sure, I'll just download my survivor then, right? Nope. Never shows up. Went tot the Rag server I was on. Nope. Character's not there and doesn't show when I tell it to download character. I JUST hit lvl 100 like 2 hours before this and had placed my tech transmitter. So now I'm locked out of my buildings and tribes unless a tribe-mate comes and I decide to make a new character.



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A lot of us have lost characters in the past couple of weeks.  I lost my character and customer support was unable or unwilling to help me in time before all my bases, tames and gear disappeared as well.  I am sorry it has happened to you - this bug is just about as terrible as any game but that I have ever heard of: thousands of hours of game progress wiped out.

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What's so aggravating is they could if they'd take the time to go on the servers and look at previous saves and pull the last saved files for your character. There's 2 files they need. Would be uber simple to fix this.

From what some have told me, this has been happening quite a bit since the server side patch on Tuesday. Have y'all also noticed when you login that your base is only like half rendered?


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I’ve recently reported a server outage for serv named NA-PVE-PS4Official-crystalisle1385 being down since last maintenance. Today it came back online but my character is restarted? Is there anything I can do to get my stuff back and my character? The map still has my marker on it so something is still there.... Just got to lvl 70 after 2 days of non stop grinding...... would be really frustrating and dissapointing to have to stop playing this game again after coming back from a year long break....

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Hear we go again, im trying to transfer to the centre 472 from Crystal isles 1373 and im in the loading screen.

15min on downloading character screen and error 007 message appears.

I try to login again, but wait it says I'm still logged into the centre when im actually not.

I turn the PS4 off and reboot and have to download character back to crystal isles again.

Rinse repeat and same thing.

What the hell is going on.

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