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Character Lost - Mega Thread

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5 minutes ago, XSilverHost said:

my character was lv 103, i play ps4, i have all dlc, i will lose all my dino?


If you have not done so, you need to create a support ticket:  https://support.survivetheark.com/

Please note that the tickets are reviewed in the order they are received.

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My Character Disappeared

I was transfering some stuff from SmallTribes114 to SmallTribes34 and my game crashed mid transfer and my character disappeared and I can't find it. My character was level 82 and had some silica pearls and some empty cryos, not much but I was playing non stop for over a week and I don't want to create a new character.

I would really love some help.

My PS4 Gamertag is SananSSJDG1.

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Lost Character, how to backup my new character?

Hey guys, I recently lost my level 132 character in a rollback, I transferred from Official Aberration270 to Ragnarok408 and ragnarok server made a rollback just after transferring my character, when I reconnected, my character was no longer, neither in the cloud, nor in aberration, I have to wait a long time for a solution, so I better made another character, is there any way to do a backup in case the same happens? if so, they could share it? thx.

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Losing Your Character Due To New Updates

So I’m being told I’m going to lose my character if I spawn in thank you so much poop wildcard just completed a alpha Rockwell last night ended up going to my server stopping me from spawning in seeing loads of updates and people has lost their character because of it you are so pathetic your game is so poop I have had many of problems since the day it came out and if I lose my bloody character I’m going to expect a character  back I had the hard monkey, dragon, spider, manticore, modeor and the hard rockwell that’s it so I better not lose my character I’ll send a picture if I do lose my character to the support team

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Transferred my ark character and disconnected during the transfer

I cannot access my Ark character. I've tried joining the server he was transferred to and the game told me to create a new character. I've also tried joining the server my character transferred from and it also tells me to create a new character. Is there a possibility that my character is floating around in another server or is it gone forever? I put a lot of effort in leveling my character and I hope he isn't gone. If there's any other information you need, please comment. :(

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Wild Card doesn't do character backups. Their incompetent product manager refuses to have it implemented, despite it being requested hundreds and possibly thousands of times now.
It's unacceptable that people lose their characters, genesis mission completion, ascensions and all boss implant changes.

The product manager needs to step down or be replaced. We have suffered 5+ years of his incompetence, enough is enough.

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Are you getting an option to download character?

If not then it doesn't look good.  YOu will have to submit a ticket and most likely wait at least a month on getting someone to meet you in game.  if your character is gone, then they wont give it back.  If you're a solo player then you're pretty much going to have to start again, unless you are in PVP and can convince someone to hep you raid your old base.

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2 hours ago, R3dHawk said:

Ull get it back in a month or 2 simmer down there big man.


2 hours ago, LEDminer said:

Send in evidence, if it's viable they will restore your character after a wait.

He won't get his character back.  If he has a copy of his implant he may be ale to get his tek engrams back.  If he doesn't have an implant copy then the best they can do is give his new character a level restoration and give imprint back on any tames he has saved ( if any)

I have just been through all this with WC, it took me two months to get an in game meeting but I got my level back, and got my impints on tames back.

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8 hours ago, Georgebruharkpvp said:

I have lost my character due to a error in the game

I don’t know if this is how u report a ticket but if it is please help me get my player back if I can get it back I have lost 2 years worth of stuff.

https://support.survivetheark.com/hc/en-us/categories/202563177-Report-Abuse submit a request but i wouldnt hold my breath. good luck

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