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Character Lost - Mega Thread

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1 hour ago, nameless said:

its unlikely that this problem will be solved before all your belongings decay. (that is, assuming if it will be solved at all)

as someone who faces similar problem, I suggest you two start from zero again

This fella is probably right, but you can always send in a ticket. Unless you have screen shots or video of your character, there probably isn't much they'll do for you. Sadly Ark's "Customer Service" seriously leave a lot to be desired. ._.; 

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What if you received those trophies from Single Player mode cheats? Do you have any pics of a time you Popped up the menu display  at the same time of killing a boss. This way it shows proof of Server and Defeat of a Boss. What about your Trophy Screenshots?

[I'm not an Admin. I'm just another player who sympathizes with your loss!]


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my character has been deleted (OFFICIAL PVE)

I went back to my server, when I clicked on the bed I couldn't be born and it was wrong, and I lost the character I play solo, and there's no one to put me in the tribe again, I lost everything and I am very disappointed in this game, and I can't get help :(, I already did Ticket, but nobody answers me, Is there anything I can do?

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I'm sorry to hear that this happened to you. It actually happens a lot more than you would think. After logging the ticket it will take Wild Card about a month to get back to you. They will want a snapshot of of your Ingram with survival levels or boss steam achievements they won't go past level 105 and maybe give you one or two dinos they spawned in. Please answer these questions maybe I can help you level up a new character. What platform do you play? and do you have any of the DLCs? What was your survival level?

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