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New Small Tribes Settings

What are the new settings for a dedicated server that will match Small Tribes official?

It seems that taming, xp, and harvesting were doubled across the board which implies that taming would go to 1.0, harvesting and xp to 1.5.

Previously, on small tribes if you picked a berry from a bush, the smallest number you'd get is 6 and you'd always get multiples of that (sometimes 12 or 18 etc). 

With the new changes, I now get multiples of 12 on my 3.0 harvesting server. Which makes sense since the base rate was doubled. 

But on official I notice that you seem to get berries in multiples of 10 now! (10, 20, 30, etc). This would correspond to a harvest multiplier of 2.5, not 1.5 as I would expect. I guess that makes sense since 1.5 doesn't really make Small Tribes that different from normal official, but 3.0 seems excessive. 

My question is what are the correct new values for taming and xp? Its a little more difficult to measure those. Does anyone know?

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