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ps4 pro dedicated server awol?

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Really? no one has an answer to this at all? NO ONE?  even a nasty sarcastic comment? or a lounge chair moderator? I mean why post something either untrue or at the very least post a reply saying " due to unforseen circumstances. the release of crystal isles dedicated server access is being temporarily held back until such a time as can be properly implemented" anything?

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right? I have my pro setup for dedicated and run several other maps off it, we have an amazing time and were very much looking forward to this new map to tide over get genesis pt2, which I hope opens dedicated at that time. it was very frustrating to not have the access that was told would be there, despite the map being free (not sure if anyone could stand paying for a improperly complete map). Its not like asking for Mt.Everest or a Ton of solid gold bars. I just want what was said to be given at the start of all this, or at the very least, someone take responsibility and issue some kind of "why not" statement".

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