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tools Dododex is now on 2x rates. Plus recipe tips, resource tips, and offline mode

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Dododex is now on 2x rates. Plus recipe tips, resource tips, and offline mode

Hey guys! I just updated Dododex to be on ARK's new 2x rates.

Also included this update:

  • Tips for recipes! Share tips on any recipe: consumable strategies, saddle ideas...
  • Tips for resources! Best ways to gather, farm, obtain, and use each resource.
  • Tools in gathering efficiency (popular request!)
  • Offline mode (an even more popular request!)
  • Carryable by: Crystal Wyvern (thanks to those who pointed out that it's different than the Wyvern)
  • New setting presets
  • “Read more” button now displays on longer tips and text
  • Opening Dododex from ARK Mobile for the first time would show an blank confirmation pop-up 
  • Fixed crash when selecting a level
  • "Consumption Speed" is now labeled "Dino Character Food Drain" (as it is in-game)
  • Delete button on the Edit Weapons screen showed HTML code
  • When you have more than 5 timers, switching pages would sometimes not work properly
  • Fixed issue where "Pause All" timers button would not work
  • Minor design updates
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

The update is now available on Dododex for iOS and Android. Some of these features will be coming to the Web version of Dododex soon, too. :)


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