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how get good bp


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Genesis- run missions. Buy 35k loot crates

Extinction- run purple or red OSD drops

Aberration- go to surface during 90% night/10% day and get those drops

SE- run desert drops

Rag- Run Lava Golem, Ice Queen, Desert Drops

Island- Run Swamp Cave, both of the water caves


Check Youtube and the Ark wiki for tips and coordinates

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8 hours ago, Fetzen said:

I buy a lot Genesis 35k loot crates (more than30) and never get any blueprint. But a lot wyvern Milk, Prime Fish meat and Ambra

They are finicky but you will get the best stuff from them.

Tribemate is super lucky, he's got max Rex, 94 MC Rock Drake, and a 121 Deino from his purchases. Probably hundreds of crates but easily the top stuff. A bunch of max dmg longnecks with 300+ durability, pumps with 2k+ durability.

Not a ton of armor bp's that I am aware of, however.

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Can confirm best BPs are from gen drops, I got a 79 apprentice owl BP that is probs the best on official

Only issue is that it takes forever to get them to drop, i've bought about (no joke) 2k loot crates and only got about 4 BPs worth keeping. Try it on single player and spawn a bunch in to get a feel if that's the route you want to take

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