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If you want easy element,or to farm blueprints its good,best map for cloning stuff if your into that. Is best played with other people the purple osd's are rough solo if no signs have been placed to cheat. The map itself is ok but others was more fun,trying to enjoy it now is harder because likely 99% of sanctuary will be pillar'd,spawns in sunken forest wrecked due to bases built on the dino spawns ect. But still worth a try if you want element loot,should find somewhere free in desert or snow to build.

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Hi Crackalackinme, i tried Extinction with my wife, coming from Ragnarok, and yes it's cool.  We only play PVE so it's kind of chill compared to PVP but with the city, the other biomes, the new dinos, it gaves us a new experience.

In case you are looking for one more experience, you could try Abberation too, it's more challenging early game (for me lol).


Edit: As generalswift said, a lot of the city area is pillar'd, but don't hesitate to submit ticket if it's a problem in your gaming session, they already helped us on Ragnarok with guys blocking artifact caves and entire zones with pillar.

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10 hours ago, GrumpyBear said:

At least for the official servers, this map is regularly unplayable.

I personally can agree, as a former official PvE player of Extinction, it's a horrible place to have a base or store dinos, as corrupted things can damage metal and Tek, and wandering robots can damage metal too (that was the final straw for me, when one of the defense units attacked my fully metal base when I wasnt even bothering the robot).

I'd still suggest gettin Extinction for the engrams, craftable things that are exclusive to the Extinction map. Plenty of places in the city to load in, and naked run to a City Terminal to get to another map. Great for singleplayer, until the domes' visual breaks (like mine did).

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I think ext was worth it, but not as a map for a main base.  Plus, finding a server with an unpillared square foot in the sanctuary is a tall order.  The visuals and gameplay are hit and miss for me.  I use it as a place to have a little fun, get loot and BPs - I just keep a small base there with the bare essentials.  The OSD missions are fun and have a good payoff.  The boss fights/taming is pretty fun to mix things up.  It is heavy on the fantasy side - impossible terrain, biome domes, etc, and the corrupted creatures look silly.  But overall I think it is worth it.  

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