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Custom Aberration fishing Loot table

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Custom Aberration fishing Loot table

Okay, for anyone playing Aberration who wants to actually use fishing on that map, I finished the new Aberration specific fishing loot table: https://pastebin.com/vjZaSNpu This takes the existing fishing loot table and tweaks it to match aberration since almost all of the saddles on there are useless.

The intent of this change is to make fishing viable and useful on aberration, also to provide a loot vector before you can go to the surface. Without an ascendant pole, you're not going to get epic loot, so this probably won't replace going outside, but it should provide middle loot between the crappy boxes inside and the difficult to reach surface.


  • Removed all saddle BPs for dinos that are not on Aberration
  • Removed Manta saddle BP, if people really want it, I could add it back but I don't think people tame those on aberration
  • Added Spino, Rock Drake, Karkinos, basilisk, megalosaurus and Paracer Platform saddle to High Tier BP table (these replace rex/quetz/etc saddles)
  • added red gems to the rare resources table with the same frequency as woolly rhino horns
  • added blue gems to the common resources table with the same frequency as silica pearls
  • Added Anky, Stego, Trike, Raptor, Roll Rat, Ravager, Doed, equus, parasaur, pulmonoscorpius to the regular saddle table (dire bear, carno, arthropluera, diplo remain)
  • Added Plant X seeds to the rare resources table with a slightly higher rate than leech blood
  • Added Crossbows to the weapons table
  • Added the rex bone helmet to the armor table with a frequency at half the rate of the lowest frequency armor
  • Added fishing poles to the high tier BP table with half the frequency of other items on the table.

Installation is recommended only on stand-alone servers. If you put this in your main game files this will overwrite the fishing loot table on any map that you play single player on.

if you're hosting an aberration server or using Ark Server Manager to run an aberration server locally on your machine, Goto: ShooterGame\Saved\Config\WindowsServer and look for game.ini copy and paste the above code into the end of that file (do this while ASM is closed or it will immediately overwrite it). Restart your server and that's it.

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