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pve Mythical Island


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Mythical Island

  ✨ Welcome to Mythical Island! ✨ 
Here are a few things you might want to know about the server..

⏰ Server Daily Maintenance Schedule:
3:58pm CST
8:58pm CST

                      PVE - Easy - NA
Server Settings : Casual - 2x XP - 3x Harvest - Max Tribe 24 - 5x Hatching - 5x Maturing - 3x Imprint - Tribe Imprint - 0.25x Day - 3x Night 

? Active Admins & Their Tribes
Dragonemperorx - OWNER (MYTHICAL)
Saidysam - Co-owner (Atlantis)
Yashmont - Head Admin (Atlantis)
Royal Crow - Head Admin (Atlantis)
Royal Sheep - Suggestions and Advice (Atlantis)
I am a T-Rex - Junior Admin (Atlantis)
D&D4LIFE - Junior Admin (Meteor Curse)
        We have TEK AND EERIE GIVEAWAYS. We are a friendly hardcore mutation community. Join our discord server for more info. 


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I am very interested in learning more about your world.  However the discord server mentioned above tells me it is invalid or expired.  Have you possibly closed the doors to new members?  Also, and at the risk of sounding dumb, what is a "mutation" community?  Can you explain please?  Thanks. 

My Discord is ChillyWilly#1415

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