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War Drum Studios is now Grove Street Games!


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War Drum Studios is now Grove Street Games! We have decided to change our studio name to better reflect who we are and what we do. We are still the same team of developers, just operating under a new name. If you would like to learn about everything our company does beyond just ARK Mobile, please head over to http://grovestreetgames.com.

Beginning today, you will start to see the new studio name reflected in-game, here on the forums, and across all of our social media channels. This will also extend to our support site too - please be sure to visit http://grovestreetgames.com/support if you need to fill out a support ticket or view our help articles.

Our Summer Update is still on track for release this month and we will continue showing off more new features coming to the game in the run-up to its release.

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