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VTX Gaming brings you VORTEX (EU)

We are a new Server and at present my server is griefer free, 2x Exp and Harvesting plus fast maturing and imprinting rate for breeders.

The nights are as short as possible and days are the longest possible.

We have a small but really supportive community right now and there are active breeders with dinos for sale (in game currencies).

As the owner I do my rounds, making sure everyone has everything they require to get started, I assist them with any issues and help newcomers with taming and cave runs etc. when I can. The staff team consists of myself and my girlfriend and we are currently recruiting for a couple of active staff members. 

We do competitions on our discord and we all get on well as a group, regardless of which tribe you are we are always helping each other and respecting our build areas. 

We are open to all nationalities but do ask that any newcomers are based in or close to the EU ideally to prevent any lag. 

We will be upping our server slots soon once we begin to get more regular players.

At present during peak times we could have anywhere between 5-10 players online which isn't so bad for just opening.

Details regarding our discord are available on the server info tab of our listing on the unofficial server list.


If you have any questions or comments please don't hesitate to add them below.


We hope to see you on the VTX Ark.




Cam a.k.a GalaxiesFar


P.s here's some pics of some of our tribes.Screenshot-20200807-202001-ARK-Survival-Screenshot-2020-08-07-09-36-21-27-2ad64aScreenshot-20200806-112729-ARK-Survival-

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