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WHO is powerful alpha tribe in PVP servers right know ?

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WHO is powerful alpha tribe in PVP servers right know ?

hey guys , i really like to know who is powerful alpha tribe in PVP servers right know .its nice to know the rank of tribes this days. please share your information and make game more interesting . 

what happened  to " SUPERMACY " NEMESIS " ODIN PG ?  

in xbox cross play servers tribe STARKS  and HORIZON are most two powerful alpha right know . 

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32 minutes ago, XxxGodzxxX said:

Everyone in PVP thinks their "Alpha"  lol

 before this as you remember there were some names around such as Supermacy and omega and nemesis and other tribes . for making allies with stranger servers for short time for fighting with same enemy its important to know who is who because i don't want to make a bad movement and join loser sides . information is a key of success you know . 

33 minutes ago, XxxGodzxxX said:

Who cares ??

who cares ??? so this days everyone is just try to hidden in caves like an scared spider and looks like they don't have any courage to make name in public cus as far as we know so many alpha , they just have talent for trash talking in game chat and item exploit and mesh stuff but in ark community they are mute , dump , speechless at all !! LOL

i'd like to bring some people and friends back again to here to start talking about tribes . unfortunately ark forum is so cold and quiet and silent this days . @Cedric  @Eli @Jatheish and other admin guys . just looking at forums ! just complaining about tickets and bugs with low amount of answers .no interesting post about real activities in servers at all . ark trade forums is dead . people just going after pla****tion and fac****k to buy stuff from those real money trader who are ALWAYS QUIET and trying  to keep hidden in caves with NO NAMES and keep wiping all servers to forcing people to buy from them because new tribes they don't have any chance to rise . 

how funny is that no one talk about names and servers and tribes who called himself ALPHA this days .you never can find allies in forums or get any information about tribes behavior . just start speak people . telling us any information at least telling about your enemies . always being quiet not gonna help anyone . let us know who is trustworthy for trade or  making allies and who is untrustworthy . 

lets be more active in ark forums community like before this . telling about your experience , wars , enemies , who is powerful in which server . right know no one here in forums don't know anything about who is powerful alpha in xbox . pc , ps4 servers. who wins the big wars and who lose . that's a shame ...


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The sad thing is, even if you name and report those who abuse glitches (transfer mana, skiff etc) to the island maps, the support does nothing about it... Me and my friends have gone through 4 servers within the last 2 weeks, each one of them was fairly new one (around 1000 days) and had an ALPHA TRIBE with manas and skiffs, which made it impossible for new people to even start playing as you would be WIPED as soon as you got found... I wish support did actually something about those abusers so that normal players could actually play the game.

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