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Help 20 rex + 4 giga lost


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On 8/2/2020 at 10:39 PM, lucadc said:

this game is full of bugs, interruptions and do I have to prove? My demonstration will be to stop playing ark after a similar loss

They don't cause bugs on purpose, losing dinos isn't intentional.

You have to prove you had these dinos, the reason being so people don't fabricate stories of losing creatures and get them from support.

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3 minutes ago, lucadc said:

ledmiller, no I replied to the first two insinuations
do you think i'm trying to get dino that i didn't have?
do you think they need photos from the database ?? but reasons that test are the photos ??

Saying "I lost these dinos" will likely have your ticket closed immediately, unless you have proof of these dinos.

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