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pvp Asgard Re-Awakens[wiped 7-17]Hx4/Tx4/XPx3

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Asgard Re-Awakens[wiped 7-17]Hx4/Tx4/XPx3

The Legacy of "Asgard Awakens" is now officially returning! With a new optimized server, tried and tested settings and state of the art software "Asgard Re-Awakens" is now developed to truly bring you one of the best possible experiences you can ever have in ARK Survival Evolved.

What maps will Asgard Re-Awakens be featuring?

Asgard Re-Awakens will maintain a large cluster of maps featuring the crowd favorites Ragnarok, The Island, Crystal Isles, Valguero, Aberration, Extinction and Genesis!

Server links: 

steam://connect/ | Aberration
steam://connect/ | Crystal Isle
steam://connect/ | Extinction
steam://connect/ | Genesis
steam://connect/ | The Island
steam://connect/ | Ragnarok
steam://connect/ | Valguero

What's New?

Asgard not only features some of the public's most updated and beloved Steam Workshop mods but also utilizes a series of state of the art, server side, software components to give you the best experience possible! These software components include tools and features not only for an optimal player experience but also useful features for the players like,  TCAutoRewards, Lottery, Private Messaging,  Increased Weekend Rates, Suicide Command and so much more!

Are There Rules?

Naturally and of course. You will be able to (and are expected to) read them the moment you join our Nitro Boosted Discord server! (Link below.)

What Else?

Upon joining our Discord you can check out the other localized channels to read up about the details of all of our software components (labeled plugins) and more information in additional channels as well. So, Come and join the Asgard community today by hoping into our Discord, downloading our steam mod collection and then join us!

Asgard Discord: https://discord.gg/BAAtZYM
Asgard Mods: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2146955237




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